Transatlantic and Madeira

Lots more coming; I’m going to spread these out a bit so as to not overload the RSS feed with a massive pile of images at one time.

When Emily takes a vacation, she brings a little light reading
Ready for departure
I took a lot of photos like this
He likes you
Transferring the Marine Biologist
Sister ship
Virtue of necessity
Our fellow passengers
Third towel from the left
This water was not software generated
Aren't we just the cuteewootiest
Tourist traps ahoy!
Weather comes to Madeira
Flower festival
Flower festival:  desert island
Flower festival: the sun
She just might be in the parade
Starting point for the parade
Look! Over there! A parade!
Flower girl
Madeira Tropical Gardens
Ferns (2)
Ferns (3)
What those ferns wish they could reach
Waterfall at the Madeira Tropical Garden
A wild animal (having a nap)
Wild animal from another angle
In Madeira they make the madeira
Fish market: fumar mate
Fishy fishy fishy fishy fishy fishy fish
For those long letters
Fish steak
The obligatory cliffside
Because goatse will never stop being funny
The obligatory church steeple
Neither Nina Nor Pinta

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