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Hey, who wants to read some My Little Pony fanfic involving machine ethics, hard AI, and the Singularity? I do!! I do!!

(So, this is terribly snarky, but I can’t resist.) Local government is wonderful and terrible in roughly equal parts. Representing the latter half:

Number of photos taken in first half of 2011: 1279 Number of photos taken in second half of 2011: 612

So Stellan is playing with a teapot-shaped knick-knack he found on his grandmother’s table, making imaginary tea for his mom. As you do.

Last night I discovered that you can dip a fudgesicle in a mug of hot chocolate.

Busy busy busy…

Breaking news: the trailer for the upcoming Blade Runner sequel and/or prequel has been leaked online.

Every morning since Spiritfire my eyes have just popped open automatically at 6 am.

This is going to sound to some of those reading this entirely commonplace and normal (not least because you were, um, there), and to others this’ll sound like totally freaky hippie-dippie woowoo stuff. Fair warning.

But wait, there’s more

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