Agenda for the week


Busy busy busy…

Saturday: 1. House party. 2. Spin fire. 3. Eat fire. 4. Carry Stellan on shoulders while he spins glow poi. 4a. Shield face with free hand.

Sunday: 1. Hurricane Irene. 2. Day two of houseparty, which turns into slumber party due to road closures. (Sadly, pillow fights fail to ensue.)

Monday: New life first: ride in an ambulance. (We’re fine. Emily’s car is not.)

Tuesday: Withdraw six figures from bank account, preferably in the form of one of those oversized novelty checks. Spend remainder of day (and the check) with lawyers. Close on new house.

Wednesday: 8:00 AM, begin demolishing bathroom in new house. 10:45 AM: have a small part of my face cut off. (Wednesday’s two planned agenda items are unrelated.)

Thursday: My 40th birthday. Emily and I will not be available on Thursday.

Friday: Thus far, no plans. This is probably just as well.