File under "Buyer's Remorse"


Note to self:

If by chance you discover during the first truly cold night of the winter that one of your water pipes has frozen solid, make sure you accurately remember which direction on the faucet handle is “off,” and turn it in that direction before you go to sleep. Otherwise the next morning when the pipe thaws out you will wind up flooding the kitchen and basement.

Hypothetically speaking.

Further note to self: next time you buy a house, wait until winter so you can calculate ahead of time which under-insulated windows will need to be replaced. Last night there was a five degree temperature difference standing in the middle of the kitchen compared to standing near the window ten feet away. That’s not good.

I know we went through this phase with the last house too; I remember helplessly watching water drip out of every windowsill in the place the first time there was enough snow for the ice dams to start forming. We fixed that, we can fix this too. Every house has its quirks; after a while you either solve them or learn to live with them, and I know once we get through that phase I’m going to love this place.

The in-the-meantime part is not much fun to go through, though.

Also, winter sucks. Just for the record. In case you hadn’t heard that from me before.