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Just discovered a nifty new-to-me improvement on A*, via a nifty interactive demonstration of various pathfinding algorithms.

I goofed.

I think I would pay money for a version of Hacker News with all the thinly disguised self-aggrandizing ‘hay guys look at my startup I started’ posts filtered out.

It’s kind of disheartening watching the net neutrality decisions being made, given that neither the people making the decisions nor most of the people reporting on those decisions appear to have the faintest goddamn idea what they’re talking about.

Internet Explorer just gave me a javascript error message that was informative, and whose reported line number corresponded to the actual location of the error. What parallel universe did I wake up in this morning?

or, “How I Spent Sunday Afternoon”

So can somebody explain to me what’s with the PR push against the next version of HTML?

I’m going to do the functional equivalent of retweeting this story because I cannot improve on it.

“The upgrade will take as few as 10 minutes.”

The rest of this is probably already obsolete

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