Early morning contemplations


Every morning since Spiritfire my eyes have just popped open automatically at 6 am.

Doesn’t seem to matter whether I go to sleep late or early, I’m just automatically waking up within a few minutes of six every single day. It’s a little spooky how precise it is.

Stellan and Emily don’t usually wake up until an hour later, and I’ve been kind of enjoying the dawn quiet time: I make some coffee — yes I’m drinking coffee again but it’s only half-caf and only two cups a day so I’m still at about 10% of the caffeine consumption that led me to quit and anyway um where was I oh yeah I make some coffee, feel slightly guilty about it but then remember that I like coffee and despite my best efforts just don’t like tea at all so shut up inner guilt voice and quit bothering me. Maybe sit on the deck for a little while and listen to the birds, stretch, spin some poi. Or maybe do some aimless websurfing, sometimes get a little head start on work or read a chapter or two of whatever book I’m currently reading, whatever. I’m the farthest thing there is from a morning person, but I’ve been enjoying the little bit of me time.

This morning’s me time consisted of trying to figure out how to get dog vomit out of the carpet, when the dog has been mostly eating raspberries out of the back yard, which partially digested berries have left a nice cheery purple circle in the middle of the hallway of the house we’re trying to sell.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to sleep in instead.