In April of 2004 Emily and I spent a month roaming around Australia. I decided it’d be a good opportunity to start doing some semi-serious photography again — something I hadn’t really done much of for a few years.

Sydney offices
A waterfall which is nowhere near the Great Sandy Desert
Another, subtly different, waterfall
But mostly just sleeps a lot
Eats Shoots And Leaves
Hang on a moment; there’s something in my pouch
Harbour Bridge
Harbour Bridge
Harbour Bridge
Harbour Bridge
Hyde Park
I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. Kangaroo
King Of The Central Business District
Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon cliffs
Kings Canyon is visited by the Society For Putting Things On Top Of Other Things
Not The Opera House
Okay, enough waterfalls already
One last opera house, before you go
Prince of the Central Business District
Sunset at Uluru
The echidna is a silly creature
The Obligatory Opera House Photo
The Obligatory Uluru
The whole kangaroo, and nothing but the kangaroo
Three days on a train
Tree at Kings Canyon
Uluru Climbers
Uluru Postcard
Uluru: a sense of scale

In fact it turned out to be an excellent opportunity to relearn important lessons such as:

…and so on. Whole chunks of the trip are therefore missing, and the breadth and quality of those lost shots have increased to mythic proportions — you’ll not see here Emily climbing the 50,000-foot lookout tree in the southwestern forests, or the tree full of tires from the central desert, or the empty tracks around Cook, or the feral camels and decaying cattle corpses in the central desert, or, or, or….

This was the incentive I needed to finally go digital. I’m never switching back.

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