Dog Photos

Because no personal website would be complete without a page devoted to photos of some sort of animal.

Ghost Dog
Frank takes a moment to relax by the pool
Dog and Wife, relative sizes of
Frank And Emily
Frank discovers the fine flavor of mud
Maybe this mud stuff doesn’t taste so good after all
Wash me
Airplanes On The Dog
Levitating Dog
Frank found the preparations for the Halloween party exhausting
The Blair Dog Project
Harrison and Isaac accost Frank
Jillian and Harrison continue to accost Frank
Dog en die sneu
After a swim, Frank enjoys a nice roll on the lawn
Hang on, I've got water in my ear
Aaaah. Summer.
Adventures of a legless dog
Frank, Powerful Hunter of Moles
Frank, Conqueror
XSLT Programmer's Reference
Doun Doun Doun Doun
Let Go, Dog, Let Go
Go, Dog, Go
Dogs On Laps
Frank, Fashion Victim
Large Dog, Small Wife
Good boy

And also because Frank is an infinitely willing subject. He never gets bored with modeling, complains about having to hold awkward poses for long periods of time, or suggests that maybe I haven’t really fully thought the design concept through. He does occasionally drool on the backdrop, but that’s normal.

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