Things On Fire

Since it’s been six years a decade a long time since I went to Burning Man, I’ve expanded this page to include other festivals that involve fire. It’s a theme.

Incidentally: photographing firespinning is one of the most technically challenging photo tasks I can think of. There’s a very narrow range of acceptable shutter speeds — you want to show off some of the motion, but not so much that the subject blurs out — and aperture is tricky: a newly-lit wick is about two stops brighter than one halfway through a burn. Focus is the worst part. I’ve ruined an unbelievable number of otherwise good photos by not being able to focus properly in the dark (autofocus is unreliable, and doing it by hand is tricky especially since people tend to move around a lot when burning.)

Practice practice practice.

WildFire 2011

I burned a lot this year (and ate fire!) but never quite managed to get a picture of myself. Got some good ones of my friends, though, so I’m counting it as a win.

Lighting up
Battleaxe with kilt
Kate - contact staff
Kate - contact staff
Heather and Shane - sword
Heather - sword
Heather - sword
Heather - sword
Hank - staff
Heather and Shane
Heather - sword
Hank balances a tiny woman on his staff

WildFire 2010

More things on fire
What it's supposed to look like
What, me awkward?
Fire eating
Fire puppet
NSFW hooping
Three things on fire
Jugglers... on fire!

SpiritFire Festival

(I’ve removed all photos of the fire circle and its surroundings. The organizers of this event are (rightly) sensitive about photos interfering with the spirit of the event. I’m not sure if these crossed the line or not but just to be on the safe side, they’re gone.)

It is just barely possible that I overpacked.
What, me blurry?
More poi
Flaming swords
Hula hoop
One more hula hoop shot
Inside my djembe

Freezing Man

Freezing Man
Freezing Man
Ethan puts on the finishing touches
It's somewhat bigger than we expected
Freezing Man Takes In The View
Freezing the Freezing Man
Sunset Ribs

Burning Man

Topless Bicycle Race
Topless Bicycle Race, Cont’d
Dragon Bus
Plastic Chapel
Drumming Thing
More Drumming Thing
Still More Drumming Thing
Elisa Korenne
Elisa at Night
3D Maze
Shower Time: The most popular photo on the website
The Incredible Snailcar
Like a horse, but not
The Point
Elisa At The Pyramid
Elisa and Emily protect their lungs
Emily and Daniel on the rooftop
The Obligatory Photo Of The Man (who is not yet burning)
The entire Burning Man festival in one photograph

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