Navajo Generating Plant


This is the Navajo Generating Plant that looms massively over Page, Arizona. You may as well make the joke about how you don’t see it generating very many Navajos, because if you don’t I’ll have to.

It’s a coal plant whose towers manage to stand out even in this area where massive buttes and bizarre pillars of rock are commonplace. The row of whatever those are on the right make a sort of whooshing noise. I know I’m supposed to hate coal plants on general principle, but it’s strangely beautiful. I have barely finished focusing my camera before an unmarked vehicle swoops up next to me, nearly running over my foot, and a guy with no uniform or other visible identification tells me I’m not allowed to take photos here. I put down my camera. He drives away from the plant, out onto the highway. I pick my camera back up and take my photos. Nyaah.

He wasn’t a Navajo either, if you were wondering.

Photo of Navajo Generating Plant