Angora Fire


Dad sent a few photos yesterday; this one is from the front yard.

At this point, last I heard, they’re packed and ready to go just in case, but are staying at home for now. The main fire is still a couple of miles away, but there’s a spot fire (200 acres, according to the local paper) pretty close by. Things sound a little confused at times:

Officials had announced an evacuation order for the Tahoe Keys, but later said the announcement was based on erroneous information and there was no such order.

So that’s reassuring.

And let me just say again how weird it is to be reading all this from so far away. I keep having these “The fire’s at 15th street! That’s where I crashed the truck back in high school!” moments.

(Stupid 15th street. It serpentines around a bunch of trees which would otherwise have been in its path — all those curves are lots of fun when it gets icy. Wonder if they’ll straighten it, now that the trees are presumably gone.)

I’m really impressed by how calmly mom and dad seem to be taking all of this. Mom’s joking about FEMA trailers, dad about rescuing all of his banjos… you never know until it happens, but I’m not sure I’d be taking it all in stride as well as they seem to be.

Photo of Angora Fire