The fish so far


Making some progress here. This is all twelve panels arranged as they will be when they’re finally installed: I wanted to see if the colors were matching up reasonably well. Which, well, sort of.

The wallpaper background is done done done, except for some touchup work I’ll do as a last step, and let me tell you how relieved I am that I will never need to paint that particular pattern ever again.

And I’m a bit less than halfway through the underpainting for the fish itself, which is going fairly quickly: it takes about an hour to do each panel, which neatly fits into one of Stellan’s naptimes, as well as being about as much as I have patience for in a given day. Not sure I’m happy with the fins — every time I do a new one I want to go back and redo all the rest to match — but what the hell, it’s just an underpainting.

Photo of The fish so far