White And Nerdy


Al Yancovic seems to have emerged from the long slump that followed the Like A Surgeon days (or else he’s just turned to topics that interest me, like nerds and music downloads. So, basically, nerds.)

Don’t miss the Segway about halfway in. (Hey, maybe now that they’ve been recalled, d’you think I can pick one up for cheap…?)


Wacky: if you click that thing now, you’ll find that

This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner RIAA because its content was used without permission

The thing I find interesting about that is that the RIAA itself, the entity that exists supposedly to protect its members’ interests by enforcing their rights — the middleman — is itself claiming copyright in this work.

That’s roughly equivalent to signing over title in your car to your auto insurance company, isn’t it? Is this real, or am I just overreacting to an error message that might have been written by a techie who doesn’t speak lawyer?

Weird Al’s version of the song, if not the video, is still on the site here, or here if you’d prefer to see it with a dancing banana. For some reason. So are a whole lot of his other videos (I guess the RIAA didn’t see the search box, or maybe they only hold the copyright in this one song, or they just toss these deletions out there at random.)

Intellectual property law is weird.

Update: aaaaand it’s back, three days later. Go figure.