Next time I'm asked for a short bio, I know what I'm sending


I was reading through some old files today (because my %@#$& computer is giving me the $&%@ spinning pizza of death every two minutes (which I’m taking as a sign that either my hard drive is dying or I just need to reinstall the #@$*& system software again, and either way I’m gonna be moving a lot of data around, so maybe I should tidy up and throw away anything I don’t need first (which involves clicking a lot of files open so I can tell whether they’re garbage (and also because all this stuff is really boring and involves a lot of watching the progress bar, so I distract myself by reading anything that looks interesting.))))


In one of the older client folders I found a business plan for a business I’d forgotten even existed — not too surprising; back then, there were a lot of businesses whose work consisted entirely of generating business plans. Skimming through it didn’t ring any bells: online community building, transaction enabling, something about next-gen USENET… Wait a minute, USENET? Is this that old? I skip ahead to the list of principals, trying to figure out whether this was something I’d been involved in, or just biz lint I’d collected somewhere, and lo and behold, who could this guy be?

VP, Production — Our candidate for VP Production is currently Director of New Media Research and Development for Prentice Hall, where he leads online strategic efforts for a major publishing house. An accomplished graphic designer, programmer and filmmaker, this candidate holds a B.A. from USC film school and an M.A. from RPI’s acclaimed iEAR program. He is also a Tripod veteran, responsible for the second design of the Tripod site in 1995-6. He writes kafka-esque short stories on an Underwood typewriter, drinks pink cocktails, looks lovely in women’s clothing and enjoys setting things on fire.

Oh yeah. That business.