Spidertron, Act I Scene I


I got a rough cut of the first scene from the Spidertron guys: the results exceed expectations. If you were expecting cheesetastic goodness. Which I was.

I took that rough cut and, well, roughed it up a bit. Just for fun. Tightened up some of the edits. Loosened others. Corrected the color. (Not very well, though; the lighting still doesn’t match up in some shots.) A bit of audio cleanup. Reversed a shot or two, so the actors look like they’re talking to each other instead of staring off into space. (Though now that I look at the master shot, seems they’re supposed to be talking off into space.) And… well, just watch it, you’ll see. Emily laughed, anyway, so I count that as a win.

And hey, as promised in the previous installment, this one is innately more interesting. Because it has a girl in it. Two girls. But still no spiders.