Oh joy!


Look what goodies Adobe and VeriSign have in store for us!

This basically fulfills my most pessimistic expectations of what would result from the Adobe / Macromedia buyout.

The Flash player is going to turn into a garbage dump of unrelated products you didn’t actually want. Thought you were going to install a media player? Guess what, it’s also a DRM-crippled peer-to-peer client! Excellent! Just what we always wanted! Next week, they’ll merge Acrobat Reader into it too, because that’s not bloated enough already.

The best part is that it’s VeriSign of all people. The guys who broke the internet for profit! You know you can trust them.

Yessir, great things ahead. And it’s obvious why Adobe chose to do this. The strategy of shoehorning unrelated products together worked out so well for Real.com, after all.