Unrelated facts for April 13: number four


When we travel, Frank usually stays at the vet’s office. Because he’s a dog, and they do boarding there.

We always knew Frank was pretty popular there — the high-pitched chorus of “Fraaaaaaaaank!!” that happens when we bring him in was the clue — but today Emily learned that one of the vets in particular is so enamored of him that she calls him her boyfriend. And has asked permission to take him out on lunch dates. Seriously.

I like the fact that my dog is better at picking up chicks than I am. Should’ve been obvious, really; he’s much jollier, vastly more outgoing, and for that matter a better conversationalist. Plus he fetches tennis balls on demand, which I rarely do.

But anyway, I feel far less guilty about leaving him at the kennel for extended periods of time, since he’s obviously having a good time while he’s there.