Two links you will enjoy if you are a huge nerd


Actually, depending on the size of your inner nerdness, you may have already seen these things. But I hadn’t yet. And because I am a nerd, I enjoyed them. And because I am a huge nerd, I have a blog to post them to.

DM of the Rings is a parodic retelling of Lord of the Rings. As a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. In comic book form. On the internet. There are so many levels of nerd here, by all rights it ought to implode into a nerd singularity, a dark well containing only bosons, strange quarks and Monty Python quotes. “So the penalty for trespassing in Rohan is free horses? What would I get if I were to, say, hit on your princess?”

If you are not the sort of nerd who owns multi-sided dice, perhaps you are the sort of nerd who likes Gilbert and Sullivan. Or who really dislikes Gilbert and Sullivan. Either way works fine for this.

(I was originally going to call this “Three links you will enjoy if you are a huge nerd,” and include a link to Gollum singing Barry White — but it really just isn’t nearly as nerdy as the other two. So I won’t bother including that. Neither will I include They’re Taking The Hobbits To Isengard, which is a song about hobbits. Being taken. To Isengard.)