Pushy push push


I wonder who sponsored this Zogby poll?

Which of the following statements - A or B - best describes your opinion about downloading free music from the Internet? Statement A: If Web sites support downloading music for free or little cost, it should be the Web site operator, not the downloader, should be prosecuted by law enforcement agencies. Statement B: Downloading music without compensating the artists is illegal and people who do it should be prosecuted.

Ummmm…. how about C: music downloads, like radio play, constitutes free advertising for the artists, most of whom make the bulk of their income from touring and concert merchandise, and little or nothing from the sale of CDs. Sure, free downloads constitute a loss for the studios — but the studios are middlemen. Middlemen who are no longer necessary. Them losing money is a good thing, to be encouraged.

Just…. get it over with, already, RIAA; go bankrupt. We don’t need you anymore.