This site normally doesn’t get a ton of traffic. Between 10 and 30 people a day, depending on how recently I’ve posted something — about half of whom are regular visitors, half random googlers. I’m talking to friends and family, here, mostly.

Yesterday MetaFilter linked here, and about 2000 people dropped in. (1,966 if you trust Google Analytics, or 2,346 according to the more optimistic plesk-stat. Which adds up to 253,855 “hits”, which is a good demonstration of why “hits” are a lousy way to rate website usage.)

Hardly a blip by web meme standards, I know — I wonder what it’d have been like if I’d been linked on a weekday instead — but still an odd feeling to have so many people looking at my vacation photos. And commenting on them. Kind of nice, really. The last time my website got any major linkage was in, like, 1994 or so, back when the web was weeny enough that things like Tease My Hair seemed cool — so I hope you won’t mind if I indulge in a little webstats-gloating.

Now I have to try to be interesting enough to keep some of them around for a while. Otherwise this solitary spike is going to make those fancy google line graphs look pretty flat and pathetic…