I am officially an idiot


I just finished transferring this site from one server to another, but managed to lose about 100 photos in the process. And of course in a fit of optimism I removed the old site from the old server before I discovered this little problem.

I’ve still got the originals, but it’s going to take me a long time to get them recropped and reformatted for the website. And there’s other stuff I really need to be working on instead right now. Dammity damn damn. Damn. And, did I mention, “damn?”

Looks like I lucked out: the quickie perl script I use to batch-upload images — it uses the Image::Info module to grab the date, f-stop, etc, and feed it into the site database — was still storing backup copies of the images it uploaded, because I forgot to take out the debug code when it was done.

So I’m slightly less of an idiot than I thought; or else twice as much so but in a self-cancelling way.

Anyway, this is the new server. Isn’t it spiffy?