Photo Dump


So today is the day I’ve chosen to flood the RSS feed with photos.

It was just starting to be a backlog, I couldn’t post anything new because I still had all that old stuff queued up, and I was reluctant to post the old stuff because there was so much of it I worried it’d be annoying.

So today, screw it, I’m just going to be annoying and get it over with. It’ll be a momentary annoyance. Which will be followed by another whenever I get around to editing the WildFire photos. And videos. And then we’ll be all caught up, I promise.

To make up for it, here are miscellaneous links I’ve been hanging on to:

I felt like this guy. (Though he’s a better photographer by far.) Note: weird interface. Click the photo to go to the next page, don’t try to scroll.

Oontz oontz oontz oontz. Bonus points for bopping Ginsburg in the background.

Defiant dog will defy you.