On some occasions I post a post in which I do not complain about anything


Life’s pretty good.

Last night I played doun doun with Aimee Gelinas’s class for Third Thursday down in Pittsfield. We picked up Stellan early from daycare and drove down as a family; it was a beautiful warm summer evening with just the right size crowd for a street fair. Stellan got to hug a moose while we were getting set up, which Emily tells me was very exciting (for both of them, I think.) And then while we were performing, when the dancers started he came out of his stroller to join them and then ran over and sat in my lap through the rest of the show “helping” me with the drum sticks.

Which two years ago when I imagined what the good parts of having a kid might be like, just the good parts, that would pretty much be it right there.

Afterwards we went to the Columbian restaurant where we all scarfed down an enormous amount of delicious protein and fat and then he put his head down on the table for naptime so we came home and put him to bed.

And I’ve just polished off my half of the leftovers for breakfast, and in a few minutes I’m going to check in a bunch of code I’ve been working on which is if I say so myself pretty solid stuff.

And then I’ll pack a suitcase and head off with Kate to wildfire, where I will breathe and spin fire and fly on silks and try very hard not to burn off any important parts of my body.

Life’s pretty good.