Cold medicine


The thing about cold medicine is, once you start taking it, it’s impossible to know when to stop.

I usually avoid taking decongestants as long as possible, because once I start taking them I can’t tell when the cold is over anymore. When I’m on the pill, am I clear because I’ve gotten well, or just because the pill is working? And after the pill wears off, when I start getting stuffy again, is that because I’m still sick, or just because my sinuses are overcompensating after the medication?

Also, head cold + moustache = situation to be avoided. And there’s an image you’ll have stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Mua ha ha ha.

I’m pretty much done with this one, I think. Still blowing my nose constantly, but at least I no longer sound like Tom Waits with a hangover. Just in time, too, since Emily has caught it now.