Who, me? Tranced out? Never...

This is from a drum-and-dance workshop a couple weeks ago down in New Jersey; Lara and/or Yael snapped this when I wasn’t looking (and obviously when my mind was elsewhere.) Good workshop, definitely worth the drive — the classes here always have a beginner or two in them, so we tend to play pretty slow and easy; this guy (from Guinea; I don’t remember his name either) pushed it up a notch or three from what I’m used to. Good times.

Except the bit when he said to me, “Okay, you play the break, and then slow.” So I played the break (which is the signal to everyone to start playing, and sets the tempo) and settled into a fairly relaxed rhythm, meanwhile wondering why he kept giving me these urgent hand gestures like c’mon, what are you waiting for? Finally Jen nudged me and said “He said solo.” Oops. I managed a couple of startled and, frankly, kinda lame, attempts until he moved on. Wish I’d heard him right the first time: I’m at the point where I can hang on to pretty much any accompaniment part — Lara and Yael are good teachers — but I haven’t got much practice at soloing yet. Oh well. I guess the fact that he singled me out at all is a sign that I’m doing okay… and they were nice enough to let me sit in with the drummers during the dance portion (‘cause there’s no way I’m gonna get out there on the dance floor, nuh-uh.) Good times.

To my left is Jennifer Starr, who somehow always seems to have an expression of pure unadulterated joy on her face, no matter what’s going on. To my left other left is Yael’s cousin, whose name I don’t remember.

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