This was my Dad’s truck. Now it’s mine. Thanks, Dad!

(It smells disconcertingly of childhood memories.)

Today was our first real snowstorm: only a few inches, but enough to be worth at least a practice run. I managed to clear our road without getting stuck, running into a ditch, or knocking down the house or any trees. I’m calling it a win.

A couple hours after I finished, the guy who’d been charging crazy amounts of money to plow our road badly (and complaining about it nonstop) called to say he didn’t think there was enough snow to bother plowing so we should just drive on top of the four inches of snow until the next storm. This sort of thing is why we’ve had a nice compacted layer of ice to drive on every year. Thanks, plow guy, for reminding us why we wanted to take care of it ourselves!

(Side note for designers: That is a real lens flare, from an actual lens. It is not a Photoshop lens flare. I IZ A GUD PHOTOGRAFER)

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