I'm the president (and the vice president, and the treasurer, and the...)


I have new respect for the people who charge lots of money to come up with names for products and companies. It’s harder than it looks. What do you think of brightmatter?

The short version is, one of my bigger clients got a new rule handed down from corporate that they weren’t allowed to work with individual contractors anymore, only with vendor companies.

Poof, I’m a vendor company.

The long version is, I’ve decided to look at this as a healthy push towards a decision I’ve been tiptoeing around for a long time: I’ve been a solo freelancer for about five years now. It’s been going really well, but I keep seeing jobs go by that I can’t take on, either because my plate happens to be full at the moment or because the job is bigger than I could handle on my own. I also keep coming up with project ideas that the customer doesn’t necessarily know he needs yet, but which would be a lot more useful (and fun to build) than the projects he thinks he needs.

Also, I kind of miss working with people. Working with clients just isn’t the same.

So I’m going to take the plunge and turn this into a real business.

Was going to wait until the incorporation papers were finally nailed down before announcing this, but I got overexcited and spilled the beans already to a couple of people. So here it is. More detail to come.